May Lion in the Spotlight
Tracey Lawson
Name- Tracey Lawson

Marital status-Married to Kevin

Occupation-Elementary Principal

Children- Dustin, Ashley

Became a Lion in 2001

Reason I became a Lion- I was invited to speak by Lion Denise Norsby at a meeting
and I enjoyed the group so much I decided to join.  I enjoy the early meeting time
and the projects we support.

Awards/honors- Perfect attendance for six years.

Offices held- Secretary, Vice President, President, Board of Directors

Committee chair- Youth Committee

Most memorable moments in Lions- I enjoy the commaradery and staying
connected with our community with the service projects we support throughtout
the year.
Comments from your fellow Lions:
Tracey is a great addition to the Magic City Lions and I am proud to have been her sponsor.  
She is always willing to help where help is needed.  She does a great job with organizing youth
for the Youth Camp and organizing the help for the Special Olympics.  Thanks Tracey, for all
that you do.

                                                                                                            -Lion Denise Norsby-

Lion Tracey does such a great job!  She has that rare combination of being a great leader and
also a great worker. She does such a nice job on anything she is involved in.  She has such a
positive attitude and that keeps everyone upbeat.  Lion Tracey contributes so much on work
projects also.  Keep up the good work.

                                                                                                            -Lion Gary Thuner-

Lion Tracey has such a demanding and time consuming job but still makes the time to be at
meetings and work projects.  She is a special lady that always has a smile on her face that
makes everyone's day a little better.  The Magic City Lions are a better club because of Lion

                                                                                                             -Lion Gary Clock-

Lion Tracey is a great addition to our club & we are fortunate to have her talents working with
us.  She has held many important offices with Blue Ribbon performances in all of them.  Her
quick wit  & sense of humor add excitement to Tuesday mornings.  She has been instrumental
with our Youth Camp activities for several years (no easy task).  Thanks, Lion Tracey, for all
your great work & involvement in our Club projects.  Keep up the good work!  Fun to work with

                                                                                                             -Lion Gene Neal-

Lion Tracey has been one of our most active Lions. She brings so much to our club with her
willingness to be involved in nearly all of our projects and to hold leadership positions in many
areas.  Thanks for all your hard work, Tracey.  It is great to have you as a fellow Lion.

                                                                                                              -Lion Jim Blomberg-