March Lion in the Spotlight
David Snyder
Name- David Snyder

Spouse name- Nancy

Occupation- Retired

Children's names- Sheri, Kathryn, Van

Became a Lion in- 1983

Reason I became a Lion- I wanted to give something back to the Minot community

Awards/Honors- Lion of the Year, Melvin Jones, & many others.

Offices held- Secretary, Security officer!!!!!

Committee Chair- Sight Conservation

Most memorable moment in Lions- Receiving recognition from fellow Lions(Melvin
Jones Award)
Messages from your fellow Lions
David has been a fellow Lion, friend and colleague for 18 years. He was my sponsor when I rejoined Lions.
He is a man of integrity, kindness and generosity. His sense of humor and great fellowship is something I
always look forward to each Tuesday morning.  I miss him when he is away traveling.
                                                                                                                                   -Lion Ron Meier-
I really enjoy the humor and fun that David brings to the club. The attitude of the club is just not the same
when Lion David is off volunteering somewhere. Thank you for bringing a uplifting spirit to our club
-Lion Josh Ressler-
There's an old saying in Lionism: your Lions Club is as good as your Secretary!!  Let me tell you, for 13 or
14 straight years, the Magic City Lions ran efficiently &  smoothly with Lion David as Secretary. His
inspiration, guidance, & great sense of humor are tremendous assets for our club. His presence at meetings is
QUIET & REWARDING, but his absence is LOUD!!  Hurry back, Lion David, you are missed by all.
                                                                                                                              -Lion Gene Neal-
Lion David is a man of true integrity. His humor and great conversation are truly missed by all when he is
off travelling. One last time, I want to apologize to him for falsely blaming him for the missing bell earlier
this year. He took it well, though. YOU ARE TRULY MISSED.  HURRY BACK!!
                                                                                                                          -Lion Terry Alexander-
Lion David has been a leader in our club for as long as I can remember. He joined the club in 1983. His sponsor was Lion Gary
Eriksmoen. In 1986, he was elected secretary and he remained in that position until 1999. (Thats a lot of minutes!!) His commitment to
Lionism has been extraordinary in that he has served on nearly every committee and office in the club had recieved many awards; not
the least which is the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. Lion David lives the " Lion's Creed" and is a great friend and mentor to us all.
                                                                                                                                                           -Lion Jim Blomberg-