June Lion in the Spotlight
Ron Klusmann

Name- Ron Klusmann

Spouse's Name- Sharon

Occupation- Retired form MDU

Children- Jennifer  Grandchildren- Mandee & Andrew

Became a Magic City Lion in 2000

Reason I became a Lion was to give something back to the community

Offices held- Board of Directors

Most Memorable moment in Lions was to be the Lion in the Spotlight!
Messages from your fellow Lions
It has been fun to have Lion Ron in our club.  HIs sense of humor and willingness to
participate in club activities make him a valued member. Lion Ron proved himself to be a
good "soup maker" when we started the Garlic and Grape Fesitval. Glad to have you in the
club, Ron!

                                                                                                            -Lion Jim Blomberg

I enjoyed working with Lion Ron on the Survivor banquet this year. I am happy that you are a
member of the Magic City Lions.  Keep up the good work.

                                                                                                           -Lion Gary Clock-

Lion Ron has been a member of our club for 9 or 10 years.  When Ron & Sharon aren't being
"snowbirds", or traveling otherwise, his attendance & participation in Club activities has
been great.  Lion Ron has been instrumental in helping with the Garlic & Grape Fesitval.   His
ties with MDU (many years of employment) is the reason MDU contributes so much towards
this event.  Thanks Lion Ron!  Plus Ron always helps with the festival & its preparation, as he
does with all other Club activities.  Enjoy working with you Lion Ron.  Keep up the good work
and "Thanks" for being such active member of the Magic City Lions.

                                                                                                            -Lion Gene Neal-