December Lion in the Spotlight
Larry Galvin
Name- Larry Galvin

Marital Status-Married

Spouse's Name- Sheila

Occupation- Insurance Agent

Children/Grandchildren-Daughter-Melissa, Son-in-law- Mark
Grandchildren- Faith, Lilly, Luke, & Sophie

Became a Lion- 1978 in Fargo, 1983 Magic City Lions

Reason I became a Lion- I was new in the community and wanted to meet some people.

Awards/Honors- Melvin Jones Fellow, Lion of the Year

Offices Held- President, (twice), Lion Tamer, Tail Twister, 5NC Extension Chair, Sec. of ND
Eye Bank

Committee Chair- Sight, Community Projects

Most Memorable Moments in Lions- Enjoyment of working along side other Lions and the
satisfaction of what our fund raising does.
Messages from your Fellow Lions
As a new member, I do not know Lion Larry that well but looking at his bio you can see what a great job Lion Larry
has done with the Magic City Lions.  I look forward to working with you Lion Larry.
                                                                                                                                                    -Lion Gary Clock-

Lion Larry has a long history of outstanding leadership in our club.  He transfered to our club in 1984 from the
Fargo Bicentennial Club.  As his biography states, Lion Larry has served our club as President twice (1991-92 and
2001-02), Tail Twister,(twice), Lion Tamer,(twice) and of course all the VP positions and many committee
chairmanships.  Lion Larry is always upbeat and quick with a humorous quip that adds fun to our meetings.  If he
sticks around for another 28 years, I expect he may even learn the Lion's Creed.  Its GREAT to have you in our
club, Larry!  Keep up the good work!

                                                                                                                                                     -Lion Jim Blomberg-

Larry is a real joy to have in Lions.  He has an excellent sense of humor but also contributes a lot.  He does an
excellent job of representing us on the Eye Bank. He also contributes on our projects.  Always good to see Lion
Larry at the meetings.

                                                                                                                                                     -Lion Gary Thuner-

Congrats Lion Larry on 25 years with Magic City Lions!!  Lets shoot for another 25 years, O.K., but someone will
have to "wheel" me in, I'm sure!!  It's has been great working with you in Lionism as you've always been willing to
serve in all offices, committee's, functions, etc,etc.  You liven up the meetings with the now famous "Galvin"
sense of humor that we all enjoy & the new wording we hear for the creed quite often.  Keep up the good work
Lion Larry --- it is my pleasure to serve with you.

                                                                                                                                                       -Lion Gene Neal-