February Lion in the Spotlight
Kerry Hansen
Name- Kerry Hansen

Marital Status-happily for 32 years!

Spouse's Name - Jerry


Children/Grandchildren-Kristen Johnston, 25 years old-newly married, will graduate from
UND Grad School with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May. She will join her husband in
Tucson after graduation.  Rob, 22 years old, will graduate in May from UND in business &

Became a Lion in- 1995

Reason I became a Lion- To be more involved in my community. Aways wanted to join a
service club but due to my job, finding a morning club was difficult at first but I definitely
found the right one.

Awards/Honors- Lion of the Year, Tail twister of the year, Melvin Jones Recipient

Offices Held- Tail twister, President

Committee Chair- State Convention Co-chair/co-chair Multi district convention,
Community                                 Projects, Zone Project Chairman

Most Memorable moment in Lions-There is no one moment that comes to mind.  Anytime
the MCLions get together for a project seems to be a memorable moment, full of hard
working Lions & always  lots of fun.  The Survivors Banquet for Relay for Life is such as
great event for us.  The survivors are so appreciative of all we do for them, it just gives me
such a wonderful feeling inside.  Getting together on a project with fellow Magic City Lions is
so fulfilling for myself.  Always a time of fun, laughter, and love for our fellow citizens.  Live
well, laugh often, love much: that says it all about my fellow Magic City Lions!
Messages from your Fellow Lions:
I think Kerry is a great Lion. She does so many things so well. Like running the 50/50 fund raiser.  She
works so hard at the many functions we do.  Also she keeps the meetings really interesting with her
comments and is such a good sport about everything.  She certainly is someone to admire.  Keep up the
good work, Kerry.

                                                                                                                                                       -Lion Gary Thuner-

Lion Kerry is one of our most hard working Lions.  She is at almost every event working to make it better.
She is a very smart, energetic lady who gets things.  She is has wry sense of humor that makes me laugh.
I am glad we such a great Lion as Kerry in our Club.

                                                                                                                                                       -Lion Gary Clock-

Lion Kerry has done so many things for our club that it is hard to know where to start.  She has made many
significant commitments to our club, like being President, Tail Twister several times, and the holder of
many other officies.  But even more important, she has provided energy and direction to our club on many
projects.  She is involved in nearly every activity the club sponsors and she participates with enthusiasm.  
You are a GREAT Lion, Kerry.  Keep up the great work!

                                                                                                                                          -Lion Jim "Spike"Blomberg-

Lion Kerry is always willing to help with any project, works with enthusiasm, efficiency & accuracy.  Good
sense of humor & adds a lot of pizzazz to each Tuesday AM.  Just an excellent Lion, from Top to Bottom!!
Did I say that?  Aah, you know what I mean, not necessarily physically, but by her involvement.  She has
held many important offices & performed with honors!!   Keep up the good work, Kerry!

                                                                                                                                                        -Lion Gene Neal-