September Lion in the Spotlight
Jim Blomberg
Name- Jim Blomberg

Marital Status- Married

Spouse's Name- Connie

Occupation:  Part time School Superintendent, Max, ND

Children- One adult child, Garth, lives in Minneapolis

Reason I became a Lion:  I wanted to be involved in a positive way in my community and I liked the mission and goals of Lions

Awards/Honors:  Lion of the Year, (1996);  Melvin Jones Fellowship, (2001)

Offices held:  President of Sawyer Lions Club, (1984),  Secretary of Sawyer Lions Club, (1985-87),  Co-Tail
Twister, Magic City Lions, (1991), President of Magic City Lions, (2000),   Secretary of Magic City Lions, (2007-2009).

Committee Chair: Youth Exchange( several years),  Membership (several years), Nominating Committee (several years),
Service Requests (one year).

Most Memorable moment in Lions:  The years I was Club President because I discovered some things about Lionism in this
position I didn't know before.
Messages from your fellow Lions
"I have the utmost respect for Lion Jim. He introduced me to Lions, so I am grateful for that.  He works hard at anything we
do in Lions and has made an excellent secretary.  He seems to have an insight on just about everything we do and his opinion
always seems to be correct.  Keep up the good work, Lion Jim.  I am glad I got to know you."

                                                                                                                                          -Lion Gary Thuner-

"Lion "Spike" Jim is a great Lion and a friend and colleague.  His knowledge and willingness to assist the Club is very
admirable.  I enjoy his sense of humor and his quick wit.  The Club is very fortunate to have members of this quality and
commitment to the Lions."
                                                                                                                                            -Lion Ron Meier-

"Lion Jim is an integral part of Magic City Lions.  His duties as Secretary keeps him busy and in the know of Lion activites.
He is always willing to help with projects.  Lion Jim has a great sense of humor and keeps the Club laughing.  I especially
remember his "Spike" costume at the Convention.  Lion Jim was the high light of the party at the ice breaker!"

                                                                                                                                              -Lion Doreen Clock-

"Lion Jim may have started his Lions career with the Sawyer Lions, but "Spike" has definitely made his mark with the Magic
City Lions!  What a tremendous asset to out Club.  Great sense of humor, always there for any Club activity, and gives 110%.
Lion Jim is the type of member we all want to be.  It is a pleasure knowing & working with you in Lions.  Thanks Lion
"Spike" Jim."

                                                                                                                                                 -Lion Gene Neal-