January Lion in the Spotlight
Dr. Bob Nyre
Name- Bob Nyre

Marital Status-Married

Spouse's Name- Gloria

Children's names- Laura (27), Jon (23)

Occupation- Optometrist

Became a Lion in- 1981

Reason I became a Lion- Sight support & community involvement

Awards/Honors- Melvin Jones 2006, Lion of the Year 1987

Offices held- President (two times) several others

Committee Chair- Sight Conservation

Most Memorable moment in Lions- The awards banquet in 2006 when I received the Melvin
Jones                                                          Fellow and I left for Iraq!
Messages from your fellow Lions:
I feel that Lion Bob Nyre is one of the most solid Lions in the Club.  He is involved in many of the Club's
activities and does such a good job.  I can see why he has won many awards.  He also has a great
sense of humor and it is always fun to sit next to him at meetings.  I like the beard he is growing.

                                                                                                                                              -Lion Gary Thuner-

Lion  Bob is a very active Lion who is always in the center of the club's activities.  He is very involved in
the community. He is a great patriot, who has served his country in time of war. He is to be admired for
so many reasons.  Thanks for being in our club, Dr Bob!

                                                                                                                                              -Lion Gary Clock-

Lion Bob has been one of our most active and committed Lions.  He is always willing to help with club
projects and his quick wit adds life to our meetings.  He has managed our eye glass donation program
for years by providing the Vision USA forms to clients and providing eye exam services.  Thanks for
your excellent service, Lion Bob!

                                                                                                                                             -Lion Jim Blomberg-

Lion "Dr","Colonel","President" Bob Nyre, heck he has so many prefixes, I don't know which one to
use!   A very dedicated member of the Magic City Lions, with a great sense of humor that is welcomed
by all at each meeting.  Thanks to Lion Bob, our club has a very "unique" item, a U.S. Flag & plaque
indicating its service and his patriotism in serving our Country in Iraq.  What an honor for our Club.  I'm
sure not many other Clubs can say the same, if any!  Thank you, Lion Bob, just for being a member of
the Magic City Lions.  I've always enjoyed working with you.  Keep up the good work.

                                                                                                                                              -Lion Gene Neal-

Dr Bob is one of the many Lions in our club that I look up to each day.  His involvement in our club and
the community often goes unnoticed.  He takes care of weeding the flowers on the Broadway bridge,
while out on his daily jog.  Many times I have driven over the bridge and said who is that crazy man
standing in the middle of the bridge, only to get close and see Lion Bob weeding the flowers. Kudos go
out to Bob for putting his life on the line to weed the flowers.  His sense of humor is always something
to look forward to on Tuesday morning.  Keep up the good work!!!

                                                                                                                                            -Lion Terry Alexander-