Spotlight Lion of the Month
May, 2008
Gary Thuner
Name- Gary Thuner

Marital Status: Widowed

Occupation:  Retired Teacher - Snow Removal and Lawn Care

Children: Steven, Chad & Eric

Became a Lion in 2004

Reason Gary became a Lion: To give back to the Community on the advice
of       Lion Jim Blomberg

Awards/Honors: Lion of the Year

Offices Held:  Treasurer

Most memorable moment in Lions:  Dealing poker the first year when I
didn't         know how to deal!                   
Messages from Fellow Lions:
" It was a great day for me when Lion Gary joined Lions.  I knew he would make a great Lion and
prospect for Treasurer.  Little did I know how serious he would be about the job.  He has been  a
great Lion, always there to help .  Gary is a source of entertainment every meeting, but especially  
when he gives the monthly report! "
                                                                                  - Lion Doreen Clock-

" I will never forget how much Lion Gary was stressed out about dealing poker.  Once we got him
dealing, he had the time of his life. I really enjoy having Lion Gary as a member of the club. It is
quite a sight to see, when we have a full table and you look down to him and he is in the middle of a
cold sweat, thinking about the bill to Homesteaders. (HA HA). Gary is always willing to help out
with every project and truly enjoys his position of Treasurer. Did anyone inform him about the 20
year requirement for the Treasurer position?"
                                                                                      -Lion Terry Alexander-

"Gary is to be commended for agreeing to serve as our club's treasuerer shortly after joining the
Magic City Lions. His sense of humor is enjoyed by all and we all look forward to his financial
report during the club's monthly business meeting. He has a great sense humor and is truly a great
Lion. Thanks, Gary!"
                                                                                        -Lion David Snyder-

"Lion Gary is such a hoot. He brings levity to the treasurer's position. I enjoy his laugh and his
way with women. If he ever runs out of cologne, he will be in trouble. He has become a great Lion
in only a few years. I look forward to having him as a Lion for many more years.

                                                                                           -Lion Ron Meier_

"Gary "The Old Chick Magnet" Thuner has really turned out to be an outstanding Lion. We used
to have a  rather disagreeable waitress, but the "Magnet" has turned her into a Lion's best friend.
And when it comes to counting the cash, there's nobody better. Of course he's had lots of
experience over the years, he's got more in common with George Steinbenner than just a love for
the Yankees. All kidding aside Gary, I'm proud to have been your sponsor into Lions. You have
truly been an outstanding member."

                                                                                              -Lion Jim Blomberg"

"As a new Lion, Gary's pleasant, happy manner is very welcoming. He truly adds alot to the "fun"
atmosphere of our weekly meetings. Thank, Gary!"

                                                                                              -Lion Sharon Palmer-

"Lion Gary's claim to fame may be as a "highly respected instructor" and a "superb lawn
caretaker" but he has found his "true niche" now: managing the finances of the best service club
in Minot! Lion Gary provides us with top-notch entertainment each month when presenting our
financial report, something we all look forward to, and no one does it, or has done it, better!! His
Derek Jeter cologne has managed to arouse one of our watresses, AND the one you would least
expect! Last week Lion Gary sat on the east side of the table, and thsi waitres glared darts at him
all morning. Thank God, this morning he sat on the west side!! Seriously though, good job Lion
Gary, great to have you as a member & I always look forward to seeing you every Tuesday
morning. Go Yankees!                                                               
                                                                                                  -Lion Gene Neal-

Lion Gary is a great member in our club.  He always participates in the activities of our club and
makes each project fun and enjoyable.  Whether it's keeping track of the money at the Poker
Tournament or helping to move flower boxes, I always have a good time with him.  His dedication
to our club is remarkable.  It is a rate find to have somone who is new to a club to have an impact
like he has had.  Thank you for all of the time, effort and fun you bring to our club.
                                                                                                 -Lion Josh Ressler-